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Herbal Baths

Herbs have a healing effects and this is something we have learnt from previous generations.

Because of this we have prepared for you Relaxing Herbal Baths. Our special baths will release tension and stress in your muscles and also have a regenerating and cleansing affect on your internal organs, which will leave you feeling full of energy and vitality.

Hotel Silesia - Herbal baths

You can choose from several kinds of herbal blends. For a bigger effect, we mix the herbs with bio-oil from the company Saloos, which regenerate and soften your skin. The mix of essential oils brings to you bath harmonic fragrance (aroma), it adds a fresh feeling and evokes optimistic mood.

In the delighful atmosphere with relaxing music, your body will immerse in the chosen herbal bath and enjoy the beauty and relax for twenty minutes.



has positive effects for insomnia problems, flatulence or painful periods, migraines and nervous system problems


helps to relieve problems with rheumatism
or other joint diseases, simultaneously it helps the breathing system


helps calm down the internal organs and is suitable before resting or sleeping


has anti-inflammatory and healing effects, relieves spasms and joint pain, suitable for acne and eczema


is especially suitable for ladies, evokes a calming sensation, it has amazing regenerative and moisturizing effect on the skin

Yarrow (milfoil)- bath

promotes healing, relieves headaches, migrains, helps treat hemorrhoids


Basic bath for 1 person 399,- CZK
  Bath with a bottle of champagne for 1 person 490,- CZK
  Baths with a bottle of champagne for 2 persons 1.100,- CZK


If you are looking for a suitable gift
for your partner, husband or wife, your parents, friends or for newlyweds...
we would like to offer you a Gift Voucher.

If you plan to visit „Relaxing Herbal baths“, please contact our office-reception via e-mail or phone.

Herbal bathsHerbal bathsHerbal bathsHerbal baths




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